Abdul Rafay
4 min readApr 9, 2021



I am excited about this task because Amal makes all of us start thinking and forcing us to come out and take responsibility without any fear and hesitation. Only we have to start our brainstorming and then take vigilant action towards your task.

Amal gives us individually to start thinking and put our ideas in which we think we have to make a change or do progressive work.

I want to work for the SYED’S families which are facing financial problems or crisis. As we all know many institutions are currently working for the people who are facing financial issues but as we all know these institutions are run or work on the zakat, fitra, charity money and Kherat, etc. But In our religion, Islam prohibited the amount of any charity or zakat for the SYED’S because it is that amount of money which purifies your amount(it refers to be a “dirt میل” of an amount. So it doesn’t mean you have no power to resolve their problems in a good way by giving them as a gift(neeyat) and consider our self that it is a pleasant moment for us to be the assistance of SYED’S family.


So I want to make or run a forum which works for the SYED’S families which are having financial problems as for all others there is a different organization which is working for their problems, but there is no such proper forum until now is present which is working for especially SYED’S families as there are many families especially in Karachi there are many areas where there is a great number of SYED’S families which are in trouble not in good condition and make their self aside to engage with any institutions of welfare work because of their reputation lineage status and abide by the rules of Islam. But it is not meaning like that Islam prohibited us to help SYED’S families. We can help them in a good gesture and way by giving them a Gift and consider that thing for them which is better and good from that which we are going to choose for us.

Because by helping them in their hard times we will get a reward on the Day of Judgement from ALLAH and his beloved Prophet(P.B.U.H)

There some organizations or persons are working on these issues but the working on this issue is not in an effective manner. One of the famous personalities of Pakistan and especially Karachi Dr. ADEEB RIZVI, basically took a small initiative for SYED’S families and make a small forum for SYED’S on which people gifted things or money with considering the pleasing moment of their life by helping SYED’S. There are strictly mentioned on it that only that people will come which wants to gift as other forms zakat,kherat are not for SYED’S although we didn’t know the perspective(neyat) of people we have to ensure this thing.


I follow up in my mind that the first step is to get information in our neighborhood, family, friend circle that if there is any SYED’S family which are going from this situation. By collecting their information we start it from our self to help them in a good manner and make sure that there is no such thing happen which compromises the respect of SYED” S.


  1. There are families of SYED’S in Karachi who hardly manage to eat one-time food as an issue is that they won’t go on these food charities drive which are arranging foods for the needy one on the zakat money or kherat.

2. There are many girls of SYED’S families which are not getting married because they don’t have enough money to give jahaiz to their daughters.

3. There are many students in the university which belong to SYED’S family unable to get the scholarship of need-merit because there are run on zakat amount.

There were also many issues with SYED’S who were facing financial problems.


So we only realize that SYED’S are from the family of our beloved Prophet(P.B.U.H), we only have to shift our mindset. Build up the forum in which different people including scholars working on Syed’s family’s problem by considering it a very pleasant and special moment and don’t try to humiliate or disrespect them but gently help them.

That’s is my initiative although there are many areas in it which I have to work to strengthen my idea.