#JustStart experience

Abdul Rafay
1 min readApr 2, 2021

I will have to start my own earning as soon as possible to support my family and my father as he got retired from his service. As I am currently student of final year so no industrial firm allow me to enroll for the job as far as I completed my degree.

Amal basically shaping my goals in writing and make me more reluctant and consistent towards my goal to achieve it. Now although I am not working in any firm but I find my temporary way for earning by providing home tuitions and working online as I was teaching since 2019 but now I will make sure to increase this scenario of earning as far as I started my professional job.

From this Activity the first tasks which I have mentioned in my PROJECT WORK of Amal.

PW-work image

I was surprised that I had fulfill my first task and got the tuition yesterday. Basically I realize that through this fellowship program it helps me a lot to improve my self and developing certain qualities in my self. I feel very lucky and thankful that I have enrolled in the fellowship at right time.