Never back off, always be positive, and look forward to surpassing difficult paths.

At the start of this fellowship journey, it was quite difficult for me as I am a person who hesitates to talk with new people. And not so much confident while delivering something. The picture portrays my startup time as I am lonely and it was hurdles and difficulties like it shows in the picture that a man standing having their goals to achieve but it had rain and dark cloudy weather which shows that the journey is not easy.
But it had an umbrella which helps to save against the raindrops and his standing gesture showing that his vision is clear. He tries to realize that Almighty Allah has not created anything useless. These rivers, mountains, and all the things having any purpose in their domain. Like holding an umbrella he shields himself from rainy drops so the umbrella has a purpose. So I m trying to connect it with my fellowship journey that it was very difficult me for interacting with different people but I realize that although everyone in the fellowship program is very talented. I also have something which bucks up me to stay in this program. Then I try to remove my hesitation, break the iceberg, and try to be in the batch. In the beginning, I was worked hard, submit PWs on time, and attend sessions properly. But after some time I have an issue which leads me at that time to leave the program but I am very lucky that my previous batch program manager Sir saad and Ma’am Fizza they understand my issue and helped me a lot and provide such a solution that I won’t leave the fellowship. With their help, I transfer by batch because a session timing issue arises with me so they transfer me to the morning session into batch 187.
After three weeks I joined batch 187 and In my first session I met my program manager Sir anis and it makes me surprised and happy because Sir anis are the person by whom I got the fellowship because he took my interview of fellowship joining so surely when he passed me in the interview that’s why I joined the fellowship.
Both Ma’am Aalia and Sir Anis are very helpful and kind. I appreciated that how they both took me in this fellowship and supports me. I am the one who is not completing the previous weeks’ Pws on time but they won’t me drop out but they understand my issue and let me complete this fellowship.
Now I feeling very lucky because through this program I am observing very much change in myself. It has improved y writing skills, especially speaking skills, and learns different techniques and skills. Last but not least my mega project group were tremendous people all are very supportive and humble. It was a very nice experience of working with them and our group leader lead us in a good way and guide us, helps us, and make this group project possible to do.
So, the man in picture I relates to myself and umbrella with all of these fellowship fellows and Pm who make this possible that I fight with my fear and come out from my comfort zone and explore the journey. Many things I would have learned in this program even from my fellow mates. I wished all of them good luck for their future journey and seek an apology from my mates and especially from Sir Anis and Ma’am Aalia if any sort of thing or action I did and you don’t like or hurt you.