Abdul Rafay
1 min readApr 9, 2021


Totkay is a very familiar word for our society, it is a short step or shortcut to do any type of work. Moreover, this word is used by our grandparents because of their experiences they have to develop certain types of shortcuts to the work.

AMAL-TOTKAY is very helpful for us in our fellowship program to develop the skills, boost up our confidence level and step up for the work.

These are the basic AMAL TOTKAYS;


From above mention TOTKAYS, I will go with number 2 #GET_OUT_FROM_YOUR_COMFORT_ZONE because this one makes me push for facing challenges and removes my hesitation of speaking or answering the question of the people. It realizes to me that to achieve anything big you have to leave your comfort zone and face the upcoming scenarios and challenges. As it also boosts my confidence and enhances speaking power.

I am enjoying this fellowship as it makes me learn new things day by day.